Universitat de Barcelona

The Universitat de Barcelona, founded in 1450, is one of the most important universities of Spain, as well as one of the most renowned institutions in the international panorama. With this background, it was a need to redesign its old brand identity, which was focused mainly on its initials “UB”, because it was not enough recognisable outside the Spanish territory. Menage, commissioned by the expert publicist Luís Bassat, was chosen to achieve this requirement, updating the identity and its applications. The new corporate image brings back to the fore the old University’s emblem, but renewed: the shapes are simplified, and its elements reduced to the essentials. Concerning typography, the word “Barcelona” gets all the attention, set in upper case, while the word “Universitat” is set in small caps. The composition of the old logotype is kept, and it reminds a little of the old “UB” initials. With this new brand image, the University gains notoriety, and stands out as one of the best European and American Universities.